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Celebrating Our Modern Love for an Ancient Cheese

June 14, 2023

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International Feta Day 2022 Is Here!

The third annual day for feta lovers is on June 14, 2022. Kicking things off with a sizzling bang, Eleni Georges of My Family's Food...

Feta Psiti: The original baked feta

Feta was a fan of the oven long before TikTok! Real Greek feta cheese is the perfect choice for baking thanks to its incomparably creamy...

International Feta Day Is Here!

Feta Day is just beginning! Get in the feta spirit and find out how to celebrate.

More Feta for Your Kitchen

We spotted this homage to Greek cuisine - with an appearance by feta, of course - a beautiful hand-printed tea towel celebrating all that's

Fine Art Feta

Artists love feta, too, as seen in this collection of feta paintings.

Share Your Feta Love

Join feta-lovers around the world and share your feta creations! There's really only one way to celebrate International Feta Day, and...

Recipe: Spicy Feta Dip

This spicy feta dip, also called tyrokafteri, is a Greek favorite. There's something about feta cheese that perfectly pairs with spice.

Recipe: Phyllo Swirls with Feta

Feta and phyllo are a perfect pair! These easy phyllo pinwheels are stuffed with a delicious feta filling accented with a hint of thyme.

Feta, Illustrated

For the feta evangelist, or simply the admirer of beautiful eye-popping illustration, checking out the work of Lila Ruby King is a must.

Feta in the News

Real Greek feta getting the attention it deserves!

Introducing International Feta Day

Feta. It's been around for millennia, yet it doesn't have a day to call its own. Well, we are changing that and 2020 is feta's year!

Recipe: Spicy Baked Feta

The creamy saltiness of feta pairs perfectly with a bit of spice.

Feta and Terroir

The unique terroir of feta cheese, particular only to feta produced in Greece, is worth exploring.

Feta: A Concise History

To know more about feta you have to travel back millennia to its modern-day home, Greece.

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