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A day for feta-filled fun


International Feta Day is June 14

There are food holidays for almost everything we ingest nowadays, but when I looked for a day celebrating feta I couldn't find one. Inspired by a blogger who declared the first-ever World Nutella Day in 2007, I decided to take matters into my own hands and declare June 14, 2020, the first annual International Feta Day.

I want to make it clear that I have nothing to gain monetarily from this declaration. Instead I hope that this day will catch on and be recognized the world over as a chance to celebrate all that is delicious and unique about real Greek feta cheese. I was shocked to learn that only 2% of feta consumed today is Greek PDO feta, which means most people aren't enjoying the real thing!

Let's have fun and avoid politics here, please. Yes, there are other countries producing white brined cheeses that are still called 'feta'. If you have any grievances about International Feta Day celebrating real Greek feta, I refer you to the European Commission, which in 2002 granted Greek feta Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. What does that mean? It means only feta produced in certain regions of Greece that adheres to specific criteria can call itself 'feta'.  

Why June 14? Well, June seems like a great time to get into feta - it's the beginning of summer when feta is starting to adorn many a Greek salad and more. Also, June 14, 2002, is when the European Commission announced that the feta name would be geographically protected and eventually get PDO status.

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For the love of feta,


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