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Share Your Feta Love

Join feta-lovers around the world and share your feta creations!

There's really only one way to celebrate International Feta Day, and that's by enjoying copious amounts of real Greek feta! It's perfectly acceptable to sit down with a hunk of feta and some bread, but celebrations call for a little more pizzazz, don't you think?

That's why we want to see your feta creations on Instagram! Share them using the hashtag #fetaday2020. Do it on June 14 itself, or in the lead-up to the first-ever International Feta Day. We'll be right there along with you, making and creating with feta, and will share some of the tastiest and most unique contributions!

Feta doesn't really know any boundaries, so get creative. You can go for something traditional or dream up a completely new dish. We can't wait to see what feta fun you get up to!

For some inspiration, here are a few inventive ways with feta that we admire:

Whipped Feta with Honey

Feta Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Linguine with Feta, Lemon and Basil

from Cookstr

Explore more ways with feta by exploring feta recipes we've shared. Whatever you make, don't forget to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #fetaday2020!

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