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Fine Art Feta

Artists love feta, too, as seen in this collection of feta paintings. Have you seen any feta-inspired art? Share in the comments below, or post on Instagram and tag @fetaday and use the hashtag #fetaday2020

Meanwhile, enjoy this slideshow of feta paintings that are surely a feast for the eyes!


  1. Feta and Olives, by Jeri Ireland

  2. Snap Peas and Cheese, by Sarah Sheffield

  3. Feta Tin with Geraniums, by Yvonne Ayoub

  4. Feta with Breadsticks and Olives, by Keith Gerling

  5. Grapes and Feta, by Brock Larson

  6. Feta and Olives, artist unknown

Which painting is your favorite? Do you have any feta art you've found? Please share in the comments or tag us on Instagram @fetaday and #fetaday2020!

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